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The first line of defence for commercial premises against theft is usually the prevention of access.

At retail spaces, this tends to consist of security shutters providing a strong bulwark in front of glass windows, but it isn’t only shops who take advantage of such shutters but a vast number of commercial premises, industrial premises, plus any number of hospitals, universities, museums, government buildings, churches and so on and so forth.

And, given the huge market for security shutters, it’s no surprise that shutters enjoy ongoing product innovation in a bid to entice customers to change existing shutters or take them up for the first time.

Examples of the variety of security shutters available include thermal insulation shutters, which can help retain heat inside and reduce energy bills, which would obviously appeal to any large heated spaces; transparent roller shutters london designed for premises wishing for protection and an aesthetic appearance such as high-end retail spaces or hotels; twin-skin security shutters which are ideal for large industrial and commercial spaces; and fire rated shutters which tend to be tested to be able to resist fire for a certain number of hours and form part of companies’ fire control procedures, as they are usually connected to a fire alarm system..

Alongside the varied materials used in roller shutters, there are also shutters designed to be high speed if doors need closing quickly such as in a large plant that prepares food, where it’s vital environments don’t become contaminated.

Generally, security shutters come in galvanised steel, as its proven to be long lasting, as well, of course, providing a sturdy defence. Additionally, they can be coloured or powder coated to blend in with required environments. Transparent security shutters, however, will be made from aluminium and UV, transparent, polycarbonated plates, which ensures strength with transparency.

They can be locked by bullet or lath locks, although increasingly many choose electrically operated shutters, allowing opening and closure electronically. Obviously, when shutters conceal entrances used by vehicles, then electrically operated shutters are essential.

There are clearly myriad security shutters of varying hues and types, and their ubiquity can be seen in virtually every commercial or industrial area in every town, but what they share in common is their purpose: to protect premises be that from fire or theft, or both, and act as a deterrent to would-be thieves, illustrating that a company has taken steps to protect their premises.

My Brightest Diamond

Your brightest diamond might be your wedding ring. Perhaps it mightn’t be as visually bright as other diamond rings, however its meaning is so special to you that it doesn’t matter; to you and your loved one it is the brightest, most priceless diamond in the world.

Perhaps your brightest diamond is your engagement ring. Diamond engagement rings are very popular, and they are the perfect symbol of a successful engagement, and a successful future marriage to come. Of course, they are also truly stunning, and bound to impress that bride to be.

Maybe your brightest diamond has nothing to do with marriage whatsoever. Perhaps your brightest diamond is the diamond in that piece of jewellery that goes with so many outfits, that pair of earrings that you love to wear again and again. Diamonds are timelessly fashionable.

Or might your brightest diamond be a loose diamond? True, diamonds come alive when they are turned into jewellery, however on their own they are magical too. Perhaps you haven’t yet got round to turning your diamonds into diamond rings, or you just love loose stones.

The fact is, there are lots of ways to present diamonds. You might consider princess cut rings, or perhaps diamond solitaire rings. Every diamond presented in these different ways will have their own personality, and uniqueness of beauty; one thing combines them all however: they are all the brightest diamond.